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From the Desk of
Tony Robbins

Dear Friends,

I believe that in every person's life there comes an opportunity to lead, contribute, and become a powerful guiding force to those around you. I've dedicated my life to helping individuals to discover this authentic voice of leadership within themselves so that they can empower themselves and bring clarity, meaning, and joy to those around them. Someday, I believe, you and I will measure our lives not by what we have received, but what we have managed to give. This is what life is about. Wherever you are in life, today is your opportunity to find a new way to live.

The training before you is the product of a profound journey for me. You see, for three decades, I have been working with individuals under extreme pressure. At my workshops, people will stand up with serious life challenges - from personal loss, to relationship troubles, to emotional problems, and the whole host of human challenges. When someone stands up, in order to help them, as well as the group of 2,000+ other audience members, I have to mobilize instantly and figure out what's really going on in this person, what's stopping them, what they need, and create a shift that will help them transform. Working like this forced me to develop an accelerated approach to producing profound human change. Being able to produce positive results every time, without exception, made me believe that this approach had broad utility. I wanted to share this approach with others who are in the position to quickly understand, help, and create shifts in the people around them. I wanted that to be my legacy.

For years I dreamed of finding someone I could trust to teach this approach, but not just anybody. I needed someone whose work showed a new level of mastery of interpersonal dynamics that would raise my own abilities to make a difference. After years of searching, I had given up on finding such a partner, when one day a friend handed me a book by a woman named Cloe Madanes and boom, I found myself reading it voraciously, underlining sentences on almost every page. It turns out that Cloe has been the pre-eminent thought leader in this area for 30 years, a master teacher, having personally trained over 100,000 therapists, with books translated into over 30 languages and taught in graduate schools worldwide. Most of all, her strategies were so practical, I immediately integrated them into my own coaching work with remarkable results. I reached out to Cloe, and it turns out we shared common roots in the work of Milton Erickson. Our sense of kinship was immediate. She shared the vision, and we founded Robbins-Madanes. We recruited Mark Peysha from Harvard University to join us, and our project began.

After collaborating closely for years, we were able to devise a new way of training coaches and helping professionals. This training system gives you the experience of strategic learning while also giving you real-life experience of seeing actual moment-by-moment personal change, as if you were in the room. Finally, we had a way to teach what I do to a select group of valued students, who can extend our own ability to create profound change for people. Out of this collaboration, Robbins-Madanes Training was born. We have grown a powerful community of coaches, helping professionals, and other leaders who are creating an impact with thousands of people every day.

Our goal is to raise the standard for human change and human help. It is a project near and dear to my heart, and I'm happy to say we are inspired on a daily basis to see our students using our strategies in new and creative ways with their clients, friends, and family. My wish is that the Robbins-Madanes Core Training program will help accelerate not only your understanding but also your appreciation of your own life, and that you'll be able to give guidance and create change for those around you. I also hope that you will come to know yourself and those around you at such a level of depth that you can join us in our journey to make this a better world.

With love, respect, and enthusiasm,

Certificate for 100 Hours of
Strategic Intervention Coach Training

Receive a Certificate of 100 Hours of Training from the
Robbins-Madanes Center for Strategic Intervention, the pre-eminent
Life Coach Training in the world and contains everything you need to become an amazing coach.

Our promise:

“You'll become a great coach, learn about yourself and those around you, improve your relationships, and grow faster personally than you'd ever thought possible.”

Strategic Intervention Coaching:
The Career of Tomorrow

Life coaches are in the forefront of today's web-based economy, earning five- and six-figure incomes from home on their own schedule, doing what they love, and impacting the world in a positive way every day. This training is dedicated to ensuring your professional success in every way possible.

Do you have specialized professional skills? Then enhance them by becoming a Strategic Interventionist within your area of speciality. This will enable you not only to coach others in your industry, but to solve problems and offer consultation at the highest level. Every industry is plagued by interpersonal challenges and dilemmas. As a Strategic Interventionist, you will be uniquely equipped to solve problems, help individuals and businesses resolve conflicts, and free up energy and time for their business.

What is Strategic Intervention?

Strategic Intervention (also known as SI) is a project dedicated to extracting the most practical and effective forms of strategic action and communication from a variety of disciplines: Ericksonian therapy, strategic family therapy, Human Needs Psychology, organizational psychology, neurolinguistics, psychology of influence, strategic studies, traditions of diplomacy and negotiation, and others.

Our Aim?

To develop an eminency practical method for taking action in a strategic way to get things doneso that human needs are fulfilled and elevated.

We believe numerous traditions of Strategic Intervention exist wherever human beings use extraordinary skill to bring about positive personal and cultural change. Nelson Mandela and Mahatma Gandhi are examples of masterful Strategic Interventionists that transcend the particularities of religion, culture, institution, job description, or political philosophy (as Strategic Intervention should).

What distinguishes SI from other strategic studies is the belief that certain holistic solutions "snap into place" when more people's needs are met, expressed, and elevated. Why? Because our solutions are based on the principle of growth and contribution. Any change, when it is reinforced by growth and contribution, not only "stick" but they go on to positively influence hundreds of other people.

These solutions actually deliver
more benefit for less effort.

Our tradition of Strategic Intervention (called Human Needs Psychology or HNP) originates with the understanding of the power of meaning to shape all aspects of a human being's life. Robbins-Madanes training has been powerfully influenced by the great insights and works of Victor Frankl and Milton Erickson's creative breakthroughs in human intervention.

We are also grounded in the work of the Gregory Bateson group at the Mental Research Institute, which in the late 1950's originated the new paradigm of interactional and systemic studies, which became a watershed in the development of disciplines such as game theory, cybernetics, neurolinguistics, organizational psychology, management psychology, and dozens of other systemic disciplines. The goal of Strategic Intervention is to integrate the core insights of these traditions into a method of practical strategic action. SI encompasses strategies that span from the belief systems and emotional patterns within an individual, to individual relationships, to group dynamics, to organizational and cultural interventions.

A trained SI coach navigates these different
arenas with ease.

If coaches and consultants were knowledgeable in strategic intervention, they'd find their clients taking more action on their advice, sidestepping interpersonal restrictions, and enjoying breakthrough performance.

If businesspeople were to implement SI, they would resolve individual and organizational and cultural paradoxes that otherwise lead to internal conflict and blocked initiative.

If legislators and judges understood human and family dynamics outlined by SI, they would find ways to pass judgements without disrupting essential structures of the family, and more children would be supported in their upbringing without medication or institutionalization.

"Anthony Robbins demonstrates remarkable skills for being incisive while soft and loving. Cloe Madanes gives us a beautiful coordination of clarity of language and depth of insights."

Erving Polster, Ph.D.,
Author of Every Person's Life Deserves a Novel

"Just when I thought I'd seen it all, I found this brilliant, ground-breaking program. I highly recommend it! It will change you and it will change, forever, the way you understand the vexing battle of the sexes and how you work with couples."

Diane Sollee
Founder and Director, Smart Marriages Conference,
Founder of the Marriage Education Movement

"A powerful, moving, and highly educational demonstration of the method of indirect negotiation in action on 9/11. Extraordinary!"

William Ury,
Ph.D., Director, Global Negotiation Project, Harvard University, Co-author of Getting to Yes

From the Desk of
Cloe Madanes

Dear Friends,

As a teacher of psychotherapy and strategic intervention, I have devoted more than 40 years to understanding and resolving conflicts in individuals, couples, families, businesses, and in the larger community. I have been unswerving in my belief that words have the power to heal, that change is always possible, and that there is always a choice to be made.

My focus has been on discovering and refining the most effective strategies of change that are available to an interventionist in nearly any situation. In 2001 I met a kindred spirit in Anthony Robbins, who has also dedicated his life to demonstrating that anyone can be empowered to overcome any circumstances and live a meaningful life of fulfillment and contribution.

I was surprised to find that, in addition to being a great speaker, Tony is also one of the most skillful and effective interventionists I've ever seen.

I stood fascinated as I watched Tony working with individuals whose challenges were so serious and dire that even I questioned whether they could be turned around. And yet I saw him get real changes within an hour or two.

The next question would be: could these changes be really real? Could they last? I began to follow up with these individuals six months or a year later, and their lives were still transformed. By now I've followed up with people four, five and six years later to see the continuous lifetime impact of a single one-hour conversation with Tony. Having witnessed the power of these interventions, I was determined to bring these changes to the world.

Tony and I joined forces with Mark and Magali Peysha and have collaborated all these years to produce a training system that is completely unique in the world of coaching, therapy, and communications. We have named this field of study Strategic Intervention, and I'm proud and honored to introduce to you an online coach training program that is the culmination, not only of Mark, Magali and my collaboration with Tony, but of my life's work.

The training will give you outstanding skills while entertaining you, and it will inspire and empower you to do great things. I urge you to join us in our journey to make this a better world.

With love, respect, and enthusiasm,

Cloe Madanes


Anthony Robbins

For more than three decades, Anthony Robbins has served as an advisor to leaders around the world.

A recognized authority on the psychology of leadership, negotiations, organizational turnaround and peak performance, he has impacted the lives of more than 50 million people from over 100 nations.

One of the most sought-after speakers in the world, more than 3.5 million people from over 100 countries have attended Anthony Robbins' live seminars or speaking engagements. Robbins has spoken for such distinguished audiences as the British Parliament, Harvard Business School, and the World Economic Forum.

Robbins was recognized by Accenture as one of the Top 50 Business Intellectuals in the World, by American Express as one of the Top 6 Business Leaders in the World to coach their entrepreneurial clients and by the Harvard Business School Press as one of the Top 200 Business Gurus.

Mr. Robbins is also credited with initiating the Life Coaching industry over three decades ago. His bestselling books Unlimited Power and Unleash The Giant Within introduced a philosophy of personal action that combined individual responsibility, emotional resourcefulness, and strategic intelligence based on recent breakthroughs in linguistics, strategic studies, neuroscience and peak performance.

Robbins' unique experience of working with millions of people live and in person led him to develop a series of principles and tools called Human Needs Psychology. It is in applying these principles one-on-one that he is able to lead people to extraordinary results, even in the face of dire challenges.

Robbins' one-on-one intervention work with individuals from all walks of life, whether onstage at seminars or in his private consultations, formed the template for modern one-on-one coaching practices. Robbins' audio recordings of these concepts, strategies, and exercises led to producing the #1-selling audio coaching system of all time, which has transformed many millions of lives.

Since 2002, Anthony Robbins has partnered with renown teacher Cloe Madanes to form the Robbins-Madanes Center for Strategic Intervention, which is dedicated innovating cutting-edge strategic solutions to the most pervasive and difficult problems.

Cloe Madanes

Cloe Madanes is a world-renowned innovator and teacher of family and brief therapy.

She was a direct student of intervention master Milton Erickson and was one of the originators of the strategic approach.

She has authored seven books that are classics in the field and are taught in virtually every graduate school in family therapy: Strategic Family Therapy, Behind the One-Way Mirror, Sex, Love, and Violence, The Secret Meaning of Money, The Violence of Men, The Therapist as Humanist, Social Activist, and Systemic Thinker and Relationship Breakthrough.

Cloe has presented her work at professional conferences all over the world, and has given keynote addresses for the most prestigious conferences in her field. She has won several awards for distinguished contribution to psychology and has been featured in Newsweek, Vogue Magazine, The Washington Post, and the Boston Globe. Her books have been translated to more than twenty languages.

Cloe's strategic methods have created remarkably swift, effective, and lasting solutions to the whole range of human challenges, from the problems of the very poor, to so-called "chronic" problems such as eating disorders and sexual abuse, to the challenges faced by Senators, Fortune 500 CEOs, bestselling authors, and billionaires.

Since 2002, Cloe has worked side by side with Anthony Robbins and Mark and Magali Peysha developing the new field of Strategic Intervention. This cross-disciplinary project combines their two legacies, distilling the most swift, effective, and practical strategic intervention methods from a variety of fields.

With Anthony Robbins, Cloe co-founded the Council for the Human Rights of Children, co-sponsored by the University of San Francisco, which applies the insights of Strategic Intervention for the protection and healthy upbringing of at-risk children.

Mark Peysha

Mark is the CEO and Co-founder of the Robbins-Madanes Coach Training Program and the bestselling author of the Strategic Intervention Handbook. Mark is one of the key architects of Strategic Intervention, fostering the vision of a multi-disciplinary field of practical strategic studies to be used for the benefit of individuals, families, and groups all over the world.

In 2002 Mark came from Harvard University with his wife Magali to join Cloe and Tony in creating the field of Strategic Intervention.

He has co-authored, produced, and directed well over fifty intervention films on Strategic Intervention as well as numerous training programs, including the Ultimate Relationship Program. Mark holds a Master's Degree from Harvard University. He and his wife Magali have been married for 24 years, have five children, and are coaching partners, educators, and business leaders.

Magali Peysha

Magali is Vice President and Cofounder of Robbins-Madanes Training, the author of the bestselling book, The Strategic Intervention Handbook, and is an expert coach. She is a senior teacher at RMT and spearheads curriculum development and new training programs. She began her work with Tony Robbins in 2002 helping to create the intervention films included in RMT Core Training. Magali also leads the Robbins-Madanes initiative to integrate Strategic Intervention with other healing and creative modalities.

Magali's training in coaching began at a young age, as the daughter of Cloe Madanes and Jay Haley, the founder of Family Therapy. She learned by observation, spending thousands of hours behind the one-way mirror with her parents as they taught therapists and coaches. As a young adult she worked every day with families and children who came to the therapy center. After graduating from College she began her coaching practice incorporating Ayurveda, Yogic healing, and hyposis with Strategic Intervention.

Magali's devotion and joy in parenthood and marriage has guided her focus in coaching to develop a unique practice in which she and Mark coach couples together and individually as needed. They also personally mentor coaches, helping them to develop thriving practices.

You Will Be Trained To Transform Peoples Lives In These Key Areas:
Strategic Success Training
  • Finding core strength
  • Understanding & changing key decisions from the past
  • Becoming resourceful in the face of major life-changing events
  • Stepping up to new unfamiliar challenges
  • Dealing with difficult money and organizational issues
  • Breaking through patterns of ineffective communication
  • Effectively focusing on attaining goals
  • Turning around problem areas in life
  • Optimizing deep life values and priorities
Peak Performance
  • Controlling and transforming
  • Overcoming personal blocks
  • Accessing your true peak state
  • Overcoming insecurities and self-criticism
  • Harnessing inner power
  • Eliciting true commitment
  • Transforming negative thoughts into positive instincts
  • Breaking from self-limiting behaviors
Strategic Life Planning
  • Controlling and transforming emotions
  • Overcoming personal blocks
  • Accessing your true peak state
  • Overcoming insecurities and self-criticism
  • Harnessing inner power
  • Eliciting true commitment
  • Transforming negative thoughts into positive instincts
  • Breaking from self-limiting behaviors
Transforming Relationship
  • Understanding a partners needs
  • Overcoming marital dilemmas
  • Singlehandedly transforming difficult relationships
  • Overcoming resentments from the past
  • Rebuilding trust and sparking passion
  • Breaking through sexual inhibitions
  • Rekindling physical intimacy with a partner
  • Recovering from infidelity
Effective Parenting
  • Communicating effectively in family settings
  • Integrating a blended family
  • Resolving conflicts between parents
  • Guiding children and young adults effectively
  • Preventing self destructive behaviors
  • Resolving parent-child conflicts

Rave Reviews For Robbins-Madanes Films And Trainings from Industry Leaders

“Witness what the power of love can do in 90 minutes. Tony Robbins is a gift to humanity and most certainly a huge blessing to my family.”

Quincy Jones,
Music Producer

“This multimedia package is full of insight and impact for therapists working to help couples transform their relationship. Madanes and Robbins provide concepts, case examples and interventions that can assist any couples therapist in the work of healing long-term love relationships.”

Steven D. Solomon, Ph.D.,
Co-author of Intimacy After Infidelity

Rave Reviews For
Cloe Madanes Trainings

“Cloe, you are a brilliant example of love and beauty serving from the deepest part of the heart.”

Judy Birch,

“You have given me a vision of what is possible. Anything!”

Mia Hanna,
C. Med

Rave Reviews for Strategic
Intervention Training

Here's what Robbins-Madanes Training participants are saying about us.

“Ever since I went through the process, several of my patients in the ER have gone out of their way to write complimentary notes about my bedside manner, and I am now ranked at the top of a group of 20 doctors in terms of patient satisfaction.”


“It's helped me develop new skills, interventions, and a higher level of awareness that has improved the quality of my life and the lives of people around me. If you're ready to take the next step to make a meaningful difference in your life and the lives of others, this program is a must!”

IT Consultant/Project Manager

30 Day Unconditional Money-Back Guarantee

You have a full 30 days to evaluate this course, and if you don't find it to be the most significant, life-changing training you have ever undergone, just let us know and we will issue a 100% unconditional hassle-free money-back guarantee. If you are unsatisfied for ANY reason, you will receive a courteous and prompt refund.

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I want to become one of the first certified Robbins-Madanes Strategic Interventionists ever, and bring a new degree of influence into my professional and personal life.
  • I'm ready to master the art of human communication and intervention, creating progress everywhere I go. As an expert in Strategic Intervention, I promise to use these skills for positive purposes that meet and elevate human needs.
  • I realize that I'm protected by your iron-clad guarantee which states that I have 30 days to experience this unique immersion training. If I'm not happy for any reason under the sun (or for no reason at all) all I have to do is return the course materials within 30 days to get a 100% refund with no questions asked.
  • I can reach you at any time at 1.877.325.9040 or with any questions.